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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 15, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. his city has been hit by a tidal wave of violent crime. one person murdered every 48 hours so far this year. this might be the last thing you'd expect to hear from oakland's police chief: >> i feel today was like christmas >> pam: the explanation,
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straight ahead. in san francisco, a blurry surveillance video leads to the identification of a suspect in a tenderloin mugging. police say this man robbed a woman, then threw her dog into traffic. >> firefighters in contra costa face a day of reckoning. >> this is the first time in the history of this county that we've actually closed fire stations. >> pam: tonight they're giving residents the bad news. >> pam: but first. breaking news out of san francisco. where police are involved in a standoff with an armed man. kron 4's scott rates is live in the richmond district with the latest. scott? >> reporter: >> oi just checked with police and they are still confirming that he is barricaded himself inside. it is still a very active scene. this is as far up as i can get. as i show you
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this is the crisis negotiation team. they are trying to get some progress. several swat team members running across the street. this started at 3:00 p.m. and there were shots fired inside this home. they heard someone screaming and i also saw the bullet hole right through that front door toward that is when officers walked out and this began. and some of these nearby homes have been evacuated. there also reports from police that this man is mentally unstable and is in sight alone. in side-alone. we can see the swat team. and running across the
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street it looks like they are going right through this neighborhood. and there are several swat team members they could be possibly gaining entrance. i will keep you updated and i will stay out here. >> pam: thank you, scott there was a little bit of a problem with his audio but there are some updates on the man that has barricaded himself inside of a structure. we will keep you updated. >> back now to our top story. four fire houses in the east bay. shut down and scaling back. because of severe financial cutbacks. three stations in lafayette, martinez and walnut creek closed their doors this morning. the lone fire station in clayton. will drastically cut its hours. but stay open. all this, because the contra costa county fire protection district. is facing a 17- million dollar budget shortfall. kron-4's j-r stone is live in martinez tonight. where
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district officials are explaining their decisions to the public. j.r? >> reporter: yes, pam. they are dealing with the this and as we can see in the distance is an empty hallway. but this is a pact meeting it is 90 minutes long and it is still under way. plenty of concerns. >> we are here to try to get our fire stations back. >> according to officials that does not look like it is going to be happening. fire station 16 in lafayette were just one of the four . >> we have seen some really good times, bad times and where not looking forward to the worst time. >> reporter: fire response times already below the average are possibly going to increase. >> there were two people up
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there, a structure fire, and it took nearly 15 minutes from station 16. >> when you start cutting stations if it gets worse. >> reporter: property tax revenues have dropped and the tax measure was voted down. now, those are just hopeful that we do not see a worse case scenario. >> there could be a terrible situation if there is a fire there is going to be a big fire and we're going to need all the help we can get. >> reporter: some of this talking is talking about ambulance services. that way, they can still get some emergency crews to respond. reporting live in contra costa county, kron 4. >> here are the four stations closing today in contra costa county. in martinez - station 12 on shell avenue. in lafayette - station 16 on los arabis avenue. walnut creek loses station
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4 on hawthorne drive. and in clayton, station 11 on center avenue. you can see how wide-spread the impact of longer response times is. >> pam: the oakland public safety committee is expected to make a decision. which is already stirring up contreversy. city council members decide will whether to adopt a resolution. to hire crime - fighting consultant william bratton. new tonight at eight. kron 4's reggie kumar is live outside oakland city hall. where tonight's meeting is already heating up. reggie? >> reporter: yes, pam. this former police chief and police commissioner in new york. he he is a advocate of this technique called stop & forest but this is also
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being possibly feud as racial profiling of the " stop and -- frisk'... this however, resulted in reactions from the crowd yelling out obscenities. some people had to be removed. residents, strongly opposing this. >> we do not condone racial profiling. we of work very hard and long to build relationships with this community it is a work in progress. i do not think we have to do that to anyone. if i think that you have a gun in your pocket? then i have a reasonable suspicion to stop you >> reporter: stop and frisk does not work look at the new york city. we need to find solutions that have
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statistical proof of their validity. the public safety committee will decide weather or not this will be confirmed the. if it is approved it will go to the city council and the will make the final decision next tuesday. reporting live in oakland, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: meantime. violence reaching a tipping point in certain sections of oakland. now - the city is taking action to try and bring it under control. more on that ahead, but first grant is standing by to show us the problem. grant >> yes, pam. starting last friday, and extending through this past weekend.oakland was especially violent. four fatal shootings friday, all over the city. two more shooting scenes which saw 3 people shot. and three more shootings scenes sunday.including a birthday party where five people were shot at 7:50 sunday night. now other numbers. right now there are 613 sworn officers policing oakland.
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the police chief is looking to increase that number to at least one thousand. so the department is painfully understaffed right now. this officer shortage and the recent spike in shootings has residents and police pushing for change. pam? >> pam: help is on the way today, the oakland city council's finance committee approves a public safety plan which includes authorizing a police academy for june 2013. hiring 21- civilian employees, including crime lab support staff. and establishing a contract for 10- deputies from the alameda county sheriff's department o-p-d chief howard jordan says, the deputies will help his officers deal with a violent feud between rival gangs. >> we are focusing on the same the two groups that we spoke of yesterday similar to the c h p. they have been very successful and want to continue that. just imagine.
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if they are here for two days a week and the sheriffs, for another two days per week would of possibly see >> "4 days a week" >> pam: the finance committee unanimously approved the new safety plan which now moves to the oakland city council for a final vote next tuesday >> san francisco police have named a suspect in a vicious robbery in the tenderloin. police say, 35-year-old laurice barrett. is the man who stole money from a woman. and killed her dog during the robbery. it happened late last month on leavenworth street. police say, they identified barrett based on tips from the public. and this surveillance video of the suspect running away. kron-4's alecia reid has more. >> he stole some money from her and he noticed the dog was barking and because he
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was upset he did not get enough money he grabbed the dog in the through it into oncoming traffic. >> reporter: this happened in broad daylight and this surveillance video showing that he was recognized and identified to police. they're hoping that this will lead to more of his whereabouts. >> the smallest amount of information even if you to not think that it is that important it is tremendous for us to help break the case. >> anybody with information is urged to call the san francisco police department and of course you can maintain anonymity. >> we understand that he probably has several home addresses. and san francisco is just one of them. >> reporter: police for able to pickup one of his mouth shots he is known for another of a number of other crimes-felicia reid, kron 4. >> pam: the rush for colin
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kaepernick and his appearance of sports illustrated. >> won a city on the peninsula not thanking heaven for seven of lov and 11 and could the name of an iconic gidd-- gay civic leader leading to the renaming of s f o? details coming up.
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the rush to get number seven 49-ers gear. and a look at his appearance on this week's cover of sports illustrated. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is without question the toast of the bay area. after leading the niners to a dominant playoff victory over the packers and now. sports illustrated is recognizing his efforts. kaepernick and to a lesser extent. coach jim harbaugh. are the cover boys on this week's issue. says shout it from the mountaintop jim - you were dead on about colin kaepernick. back here at home. kaepernick is proving to be extremely popular as well, especially when it comes to moving merchandise. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, number 7 is flying off the shelves. >> the biggest seller is everything kaepernick. and you are going to get that enters the and you are going to get in other jersey?
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>> that jersey and another jersey? >> yes, i wanted to come back and get it before it sold out. >> reporter: you better get it before it sold out. >> we have a few long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts. >> reporter: the great weight to have new items a great-way to win items. >> yes, go 49ers. they are able to endorse other one's happiness. >> everybody is looking for something with his name on it. >> reporter: do you think they are going to win? >> yes. >> reporter: terisa estacio, kron 4.
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>> pam: jeff bush talks aboutthe san mateo city council said on monday that this 7-11 on the corner of san mateo drive and bellvue is in violation of the city's zoning laws and will have to shut down. the store has been open about a month but residents in the area have been upset ever since the word got out the store was setting up shop in this location. neighbors have complained about garbage trucks, loitering and other common things that happen around corner stores and say the store should not even be here in the first place. >> peter breining: there was no determination that this was ever legal. perhaps there was a building permit that was issued to convert the delicatessen into the existing 711 but
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that does not provide the legality of it. >> there was never any determination that this was ever legal by the city, yet, here we are. there is some process that happened at the city that we don't know issued to convert the old stangilini's deli into a 7- 11 but that doesn't confer legality on the property and that is really the issue. a family run deli was the previous business at this location and was allowed to stay because it was grandfathered in because it was here before the current zoning laws took affect. neighbors say the deli was ok because it was only open during the day time and didn't cause any problems. home owners say this is not the place for a 24 hour operation like this store. >> peter breining: i think 7-11 is one of the top of the convenience store food chain, if you will, but, not in the middle of a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: the city attorney tells kron four that the store is in violation of the city's zoning laws. so, what happens next? the wheels of bureaucracy are in motion and the store will get a letter from the city telling them to shut the store down. that's good news for many here in the neighborhood, but some say they like the store and will be sad to see it go. i'm jeff bush in san mateo, kron four news. >> jacqueline: temperatures freezing right now! we are
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going to see quite a few 30's but not as many twe20's. warmer conditions in fact a warming trend could be happening for the weekend. not very typical for january with clear skies over the bay area. the stormtracker is well to the north so this is what we're going to be dealing with the next several days. drier conditions and certainly, a bit cooler 32 degrees in santa rosa. 31 in napa. 20's in fairfield, with zero twenties in the mornings. still cold in the north bay. still, several degrees warmer than what we saw last night. redwood city, sunnyvale, several areas and
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in san francisco, 40's. temperatures are going to warm, nicely. 50s, 60s. 50s through palo alto. and for san jose, a bit more tricky because that fog could keep temperatures cooler but mostly clear skies as temperatures are going to get to the mid '50s. and for the east bay shore. 55 degrees and also for the north bay. 50s and 60s in santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast but not as cold. there are no frost advisories. low 60s by the weekend. >> reporter: and menlo park facebook holds a big press conference statement, the details..
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>> coming up later in this broadcast the afc championship game. colin kaepernick. and we will give you a rough sketch on the buster
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>> the big turn out for the gun buyback and the legislation going before these inferences abortive supervisors. and many of you are noticed your first paycheck. >> after the gun buyback, the legislation -- is going before the san francisco board of supervisors. -- >> jacqueline: a cold night but not quite as cold as previous, details on your full forecast, coming up.
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for 6 months, with a total home dvr included free for life. plus, add hbo and cinemax, and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] and now, exclusively from at&t, our wireless receiver lets you move your tv where you want around the house, even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse. tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty.
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elementary' school massacreofficials say that the protective equipment on the bridge tower did exactly what it is supposed to do charles clifford has more. >> on january 7th, the tanker was leaving the san francisco bay when it hit the tower his drug and alcohol tests. kron 4's charles clifford maps out the pilot's change in direction. back on january 7th the oil tanker overseas reymar was leaving san francisco bay when it struck a tower of the bay bridge. according to a report by the san jose mercury news, the pilot of
8:33 pm
the ship.. guy kleese... may havealtered the tankers planned path underneath the bridge. let's take a look at a google earth map. was being refuel at what's called anchorage 9, which is to the southeast of san francisco... from there the ship headed north towards the bay traveling on the bay the towers of the bridge are listed as letter of the alphabet. a, b, c,d and so forth. according to the mercury news the overseas reymar was originally supposed to pass under the bridge between the c and d towers. but the pilot, for reason changed his mind and decided to take the ship between the d and e towers. it was during this maneuver that the tanker collided with tower e. around 11:18 am. the ship was apparently going about 11.8 knots, or 13.6 miles per hour, when it sideswiped the tower, causing millions of dollars in damage to both the bridge and the ship. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. here in the first place. >> peter breining: gunned down in the line of
8:34 pm
-- >> duty investigators say 35-year- old officer kevin tonn was killed by a burglary suspect this morning as he responded to a break-in call. the suspect took shots at another officer. but missed. he then apparently turned the gun on himself and took his own life. galt police say tonn had been with the department for three-and-a-half years >> there was a bigger than expected turnout today, at the marin county 'gun buy back' program. hundreds of firearms were collected during the event. which was planned in reaction to the 'sandy hook elementary' school massacre. people walked away with as much as two- hundred dollars per gun, no questions asked. it was such a success, that the county ran through the 43-thousand dollars it had raised. in only two hours. a spokesperson for the san rafael police department. gave us a look at some of the more dangerous weapons. >> this is a semiautomatic rifle. it is the same caliber round that a fully automatic shoots. so, when you hear people talk about having an assault rifle this is what they are referring to. this is a double barrel shotgun that that has been a shot up shotgun which is
8:35 pm
illegal. it is sought of this so a swed off shotgun in his a of his a sawed off shotgun.. is illegal >> pam: after running out of cash, the county handed out vouchers to those who didn't want to just voluntarily give away their guns. the district attorney says, he will try and raise the money needed to pay people back in the next 30 days. they plan to hand out more vouchers at another gun buy back which is planned for the martin luther king day holiday. in san francisco, two pieces of gun control legislation were introduced to the board of supervisors. the first bans the possession of military style ammunition, such as hollow- point bullets. the sale of those bullets is already illegal. this action would make having them a misdeamenor. the second requires police notification, when someone in san francisco buys 500- rounds of ammunition or more. this includes online purchases. the supervisor sponsoring the changes says, they will make a difference.
8:36 pm
>> i do with this every day and i deal with this every day with my police captains about what happened and the week. with debriefings in the number of weapons they are pulling off the streets. so, the work continues weather or not the legislation back it up. >> it will take several steps to make these two changes in the law. we will let you know what happens. >> we're always tracking neighborhood crime. here's a kron-4 crime tracker on the peninsula. there have been a series of home burglaries in redwood city. seven within the last two weeks. all within a few blocks of each other on either side of 101 near woodside road. two on january 3rd. - one on maple and one on bloomquist st. january 4th - main street. two yesterday on broadway. january 9th on charter st. jan 11th - bloomquist st.
8:37 pm
investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that heavily damaged a flower shop in morgan hill this morning. it was reported shortly before nine at the business on monterey street near spring avenue. as you can see here. until then, the job will be done on an interim basis by this man, deputy chief larry esquivel, he's the man in the center, in uniform. he's a 27-year veteran of the department, most recently over-seeing the city's patrol division. at his first news conference, esquivel says he will emphasize community policing and focus on morale issues in the face of budget cuts and layoffs following a bitter political battle with city hall. esquivel will officially begin his new duties on saturday, the last day on the job fors moore. >> i have been here for 27 years i have a pretty good working knowledge of the public. recognizing them
8:38 pm
just as what we're doing now. and addressing some of those concerns that does not happen on a daily basis. that in to be honest and sincere which i think i have been. >> he will officially begin his new duties on saturday at the last day for chris more... repairs. exactly what he said. update. many people are voting against the idea to rename s
8:39 pm
f o against the late harvey millek for the overnight hours it is going to be chilly but several degrees warmer than what we saw last week their field, still, however cold but 32 degrees. no fazan futurecast tensile going to be in the widespread 30's, overnight. temperatures will mainly be in the 30's and 40's mixing and. taking a look at your neighborhood temperatures and the weekend forecast. >> coming up your market update
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>> pam: stocks end the day in mostly positive territory. after a strong rally by retail stocks offset tensions over raising the country's debt
8:42 pm
ceiling. on wall street. the dow finished the day up 27- points. at 13-thousand-535 the nasdaq fell six. it was dragged down by more apple losses. closing at 3- thousand-110 and the s-and-p-500 rose a point to 14-72. >> colin kaepernick is on the cover. is that a good thing? gary radnich coming up and if the 49ers advance they must meet one of their former head coaches
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>> those opening their paychecks today may be in for a rude awakening. as kron 4's dan kerman tells us. the return of an old tax rate means less money on your paycheck. >> reporter: if your first paycheck of the year, seems a little light it's not because something's wrong, it's because the holiday is over, the payroll tax holiday which to cut payroll tax by 2% for 2011 and 2012.. the tax holiday created by the president and congress expired at the end of last year meaning your payroll tax now goes back up to where it was from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent households making between 40 and 50 thousand dollars will see 579 dollars less this year those making between 50 and 75 thousand dollars will see about 822 dollars less this year those making between 75 and 100 thousand dollars will pay 1,206 more in tax, or 100-dollars a
8:46 pm
month >> i think the payroll tax will be just a blip on the landscape. >> reporter: while it's true some may be taking home as much as 25-bucks a week, terry connelly with golden gate university's ageno school of business says that doesn't mean consumers will stop spending >> we have to be careful and not make our reports based on rumors or extrapolations. it is not clear weather or not the consumer will be impacted. >> reporter: connolly says the we've seen desperate for years and it has had very little impact on consumer
8:47 pm
spending. on top of that is important to think that the income tax is not going up for the middle-class dan kerman, kron 4. >> gary: >> jacqueline: temperatures will be warmer. that will continue for the rest of the week. and nearly 40 degrees and for the afternoon highs. nearly 60. as we take a look outside the satellite & radar. it it is going to drive that storm well to the north. with rain and warmer temperatures court tomorrow, it is still going to be cold. 30's in santa rosa. 29 in fairfield and for the inland valleys, 33 in pleasanton. concord, warmer for the bay shore. mid upper 30's. san francisco, and chilly but no freeze
8:48 pm
warnings or frost advisories. i do think that we could see patchy frost for the inland valleys. temperatures will be at or below freezing. afternoon highs, the afternoon mid-60s could see 59 degrees in cupertino. mountain view, san jose, inland, a little bit cooler. if that fog forms. temperatures will be about in the mid '50s. for the east bay shores, 55 degrees. for the north bay, 50s through sand brought by al. as for the sierras, san rafeal--55 degrees. and also, for the mountains, we are going to see mid-40s for the weekend the weekend. a look at your extended forecast with warmer weather. temperatures getting a little bit more mild. and
8:49 pm
there is no new snow to talk about. 40 in. at the lowest level. 89 at the summit. even for discount lift tickets. (music) >> good evening, everybody. guess who is on the cover of sports illustrated? of course, is colin kaepernick. kaepernick on cover of si 49ers quarterback colin of the most recent issue of sports illustrated the caption says "holy" and below that a mug shot of jim harbaugh with the words, "shout it from the mountain top jim, you were dead on about colin kaepernick." probably not a good thing. for those of you who don't believe in the sports illustrated jinx.consider last januaryabout this same timealex smith and the niners were featured on the cover a few days before the nfc championship game against the new york giants - and we know how that
8:50 pm
turned out.ouch! however, kaepernick seems to like kaepernick. forget "tebowing"that's old news. now it's all about "kaepernicking" everytime colin kaepernick rushes for a touchdown he kisses his bicep. and he is a player. this guy is almost like a linebacker. he is almost like one of the boys, so to speak with the coconduct himself. and i you would say that just a guess that he would run a wall through them. we will see that if kaepernick was just a vision or some 49
8:51 pm
years. pam a championship game like this-we want to make sure that we make the place. >> with a hostile environment and a very good defense. you cannot take anything for granted. >> we will be in the same position but a different team, a different mind-set, a different opponent. >> and i would be interested in but pam thanks. >> i think that the other team is going to be so prepared. >> what is pam think? >> and jacqueline? >> i would say the same as what pam says. did you ever see that movie? with
8:52 pm
lawrence taylor. jamie foxx, oliver stone telling in absolute true story. it was a pretty good movie. jamie foxx, one of the talented guys and holida holly >> he can do comedy. and impressions. and it all started. thank you for joining us. >> york movie produced layour me reviews lot >> and now, jan wahl. [laughter] >> and do you remember that coach in a necktie? mike liked to look at himself in the mirror and is making a comeback, of sorts, the defensive coordinator falcons d coordinator mike
8:53 pm
nolan former 49ers coach mike nolan is now the defensive coordinator of the atlanta falcons. >> he is definitely a great defensive coordinator. >> the teams that he went to miami, and atlanta. he is encouraging and doing good things >> the members it was a bit vague but i remember that he was a good guy. nolan was just 18-37 in 3 2 years with the niners, but he did bring in 10 key 49ers players still on the roster, including patrick willis, justin smith, frank gore, dashon goldson and vernon davis to name a few the falcons defense ranks 24th in total yards allowed but 5th in points allowed, giving up just 18.7 per game. jonathan goodwin reader >> also
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>> and if you want to hear how much baseball players are going to make. buster posy, they have filed for sa salary arbitration more than likely, they are going to make about $6 million.
8:57 pm
romo, 3.5 the millions and it could be $40 million for hunter pence. 14-million-- and he has plenty coming his way. and the giants have the third hottest ticket price. the chicago cubs are number one, the red sox are no. 2. and the giants are no. 3. and the 49ers are going to be able to beat the falcons? >> and i think that anybody that says that atlanta will beat them. is just taking a guess the 49ers have more talent. looking at the old pros. particulate the defense, dominating the. the only way is of their secondary is a rough game. but i think that it would be safe to choose the forty- niners. >> is this the sharks youyear?
8:58 pm
>> i do not want an abbreviated stanley cup. jacqueline? >> it could be anybody because it is such a short season. >> #3 question mark >> good afternoon, gary. the question was so long! [laughter] we're out of time
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